PC (Windows)

1. Download FluxPlayer
2. Install FluxPlayer
3. Login with your email and password

After installation, FluxPlayer resides in the Windows Start Menu and you can always find it there.
You can search for FluxPlayer by clicking and holding the Windows-Key and the pressing "q" on the keyboard. Then search for "FluxPlayer".

Download FluxPlayer Download FluxPlayer


Use the browser on your Mac (Apple macOS 10.13 or newer) and enter the following link to install FluxPlayer. After installing sign in.


Android tablets and phones

Use your Android device to open Google Play, install FluxPlayer and sign in.

Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Use your device (iOS 11 or newer) to open the AppStore, install FluxPlayer and sign in.

Kindle Fire Tablets

Use your Kindle Fire to open Apps, install FluxPlayer for Kindle and sign in.


Use your ChromeOS device to open the chrome web store, install FluxPlayer and sign in.


Use the web player to access/stream select content directly in the web browser. Not available for all content. Requires Chrome or Firefox browser.