Burgundy Essentials Audio Series

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Burgundy Essentials Audio series - A nearly 10-hour, 7-part program created specifically for all wine lovers, from the casual wine enthusiast to the seasoned pro, this 3-year project-in-the-making was expressly designed to demystify what is a highly complex and even intimidating wine region yet enhance the knowledge of those already well-immersed in their Burgundy education.  Precisely because Burgundy is such a vast universe unto itself, Burgundy Essentials methodically distills it down into bite-sized and comprehensible component pieces.  Narrated by Burghound himself, he systematically examines every important aspect of Burgundy while helping the Burgundy enthusiast understand all of the must-know concepts.  These key ideas are carefully explained with pertinent information regarding Burgundy’s history and regional organization, including in-depth coverage of its world-famous communes and terroirs.  Included is valuable and detailed insider information on how the best wines are grown, vinified and marketed.  Burgundy Essentials is also packed with tons of authoritative advice on world class producers, vineyards and vintages.   There is a plethora of useful tips on how to obtain the best bang for your buck in acquiring value burgundies as well as expert guidance on how to buy and collect up and down the price spectrum and appellation hierarchy.  The program also offers many useful suggestions on how to best serve and enjoy Burgundies.  If you absorb even half of the insights Burgundy Essentials has to offer you will rapidly become a seasoned connoisseur of what many consider to be the world’s greatest wines! 

For more information visit http://www.burghound.com/burgundy-essentials-audio-series

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